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What is the church for today?

A Reflection on the Nature, Mission and the Role of the Church in the Modern Society.

In these days as we have been thinking and seeking changes, not for sake of change, but moved with a deep desire, of seeing our church, where we are part of, serving our community better and also making it special for our parishioners as they attend services.
For this reason we are making a decision to move to one combined worship service, because we believe in the importance of being united. It is in time of change that I do believe an important question needs to be answered – What is the church for today? In my humble opinion I do believe that:
It should be an inclusive church where everybody who comes, will feel welcome and loved by the members because they are following the One who loved us unconditionally and calls us to not make assumptions of other people.
A church where all the parishioners who come through the door and enter into the sanctuary with reverence and filled with joy (Ps. 122:2) because they know that we are all in the presence of the almighty God and to Him honor, glory and praise should be done with joy and thanksgiving.
A church when all who enter to worship and as they leave the sanctuary they could say in their heart“ that it is notorious for the presence of God among us.”
A church where we serve because Jesus is the reason for us to serve and we do that with gladness in our heart.
A church where the name of Jesus is lifted up and all men and woman are attracted to Him and lives are transformed and miracles happen.
A church where all members evangelize because they recognize that the call to make Christ Like Disciples in the Nations belongs to all believers (Mat. 28:19,20)
A church where all members are faithful with God’s Tithes and offerings.
A church that is a CHURCH for today.

May God help us to be this church!

Pastor Ramiro Monteiro